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Staff fight (clay) Staff fight (clay)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not great...not horrible

it was ok , i mean i expected better action but what can you do with clay right ? Oh well, and yes Knox, you are the king, but only of Claymation, give the animators credit too.

AtomicxxPenguin responds:

well put, thank you for the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

FBF 3 Season 2 FBF 3 Season 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

WTF just happened... ?

omg, all I did was click the button and next thing I know the movie is over and I'm still staring at the screen in a transfixed comma. This was a definite cool flash and want to see more.. NOW I SAY !

If you would ever like to collaborate , I do random flash and so does my friend RazorJam. We're currently recruiting people for a project, and I think you would make a great addition. My AIM is in my profile, so are my flash. Peace

Once more...nice flash

Amature Invisibility: 1 Amature Invisibility: 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This Flash is steamin hot. Its hotter than a mexican chokin on a jalepeno. Its hotter than an eskimo in Africa. Its even hotter than Tera Reid's boo....oh wait.scratch that last one.

And I ask myself, how does RazorJam do it ? Is he some kind of alien brain child sent to entertain the masses with his superior animatory skills ? No, he is mere human, and this, my friends, is worthy of some kind of medal or purple heart. RazorJam, I am forever your humble follower, I and still pray that one day, when Pigs fly and our president is a gay black chick, that you will take me under you wing and show me the errors of my ways and learn me the ways the great, nay, Legendary RazorJam.

(thank you thank you* )

RazorJam responds:

Dude, your part of my crew, wake up.
Thanks for the review!